Saturday, 18 August 2007

We have arrived

Liz and I arrived at our hotel in Dover at the Swingate Inn late last night. We flew directly to London from LAX on American. Despite the press about Heathrow customs etc., things went very smoothly. We took a couple of trains from Heathrow and here we are.

We met our captain, Eric, this afternoon. He is a great guy, and we talked about weater and swimming, of course. He drove us down to the harbor where we happened to meet his other swimmer on this tide, an Aussie named Duncan and his girlfriend Jeanette. I swam with Duncan for about an hour in the harbor while Liz talked with Jeanette on the beach. The water was fine, similar to Santa Barbara, but choppy with the 20 knot wind. Immediate forecast is for more of the same. Neap tide begins on Monday, August 20 and continues to August 25. Hopefully, a lull will develop during that time.

Anway spirits are high, and I was relieved that the water temperature seemed manageable. Now we just have to wait for the wind to die down a bit, and we'll go. Adios for now, Gino

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