Tuesday, 21 August 2007

"If you don't like the weather, wait a minute."

That is the story so far here in Dover. One minute sunshine and calm - driving rain and cold the next.

In some ways this is the perfect holiday (note British usage). Get up around ten...go for a swim...read book...lounge...eat few times...repeat. It is rather like surfing trip in a tropical paradise minus the palm trees, surf, and warm water.

There are swimmers from all over. Aussies, Spaniards, Russians...even Texans. On Monday night a woman named Lynne Smith from Texas swam the Channel in something like 9 hrs and 50 minutes. That is a very fast time...fastest this summer so far. We are moving from our B&B to hers tomorrow morning for good luck.

I have swam in the Dover Harbor each day for about an hour or so to stay acclimated to the cool water (about 64 degrees). At this point, I prefer water at that temperature. I feel like I could swim for a long time, which is good because I will have to shortly.

Liz and I have taken a couple of sidetrips. I have been driving our styling Mercedes sedan. I believe I shall trade-in my Insight for one upon my return. We've gone to Canterbury cathedral and a seaside town called Deal. One cannot help but notice that England was around for a long time before the United States was even a glimmer in someone's eye.

Liz and I have been getting along well at least partly because I try to emphasize to her every day how grateful I am that she is here with me and that I am not brooding here alone in Dover waiting to swim. Mike Coyle has been great too as he has expressed great confidence in my abilities, and we laugh so much about our undergraduate days.

Well, long rambling post...huh? Thank you all so much for your comments. We love to read them. Love to all, Gino.


Angie said...

hey dudes!
rockin' blog you got here! thanks for including me on your journey ~ just sittin here at my desk jealous as HELL!

have a great time guys and enjoy every change in the weather!


Shannon said...

Cherrio you two. Tis quite a pleasure to hear from you. I'm not very good with the British yo! Seriously, I am thrilled to hear from you and am so glad you made it there safely. John and I will do a good weather dance for you, in fact I will do one now on my desk with the baby! I hope your adventure continues to exciting. I will keep reading the BLOG bloggers! XO, Shannon, John and baby.

Christina said...

I am SO impressed...especially with Liz...all that sitting around eating and drinking must be really hard on ya mate. :-)
Best of luck with the swim Gino!

Amy said...

Stop vacationing for god's sake and get your butt across that pond! Okay, seriously, I'm thinking only of sunshine and calm waters...In the meantime, keep sending blogs, we love 'em.
Wishing you luck, love and sunny weather...
Amy & Santiago

Teen-Teen said...

Hi there!

Teen-Teen here sending you beautiful sunny Southern California weather! Missing you guys terribly! Good luck with the swim and safe travels back home!



Brian said...

Hey guys! Sending good weather vibes your way. All is well in Santa Monica. Holding down the fort. (And your cat Liz.) Schubert sends his love as well. Take care you guys and have a great swim Gino!


cokoon said...

Hi! From the looks of Gino in channel makeup, Liz has had some of her theater influence going on!!!! Love the newsy notes from the shoreline! Can't wait until we see the picures from the French side!! Good Luck! We're excited for you and can't wait to see you swim in the Ohio soon!!! Love, Carol & all your Ky fans!