Friday, 24 August 2007


• Speedo
• Goggles
• earplugs
• swimcap
• perpetuem carb powder drink mix
• 8 different water bottles
• advil
• electrolyte pills
• vaseline (the modern day Channel "grease")
• anti-fog drops
• towels
• warm clothing
• video camera
• still camera
• light sticks (in case Gino has to swim at night)
• GU ( a delicious nutritional snack)
• sunscreen
• rope to clip the water bottles to
• white board (for any messages to Gino during the swim... remember he'll have in earplugs)
• powerade
• honey (to flavor the carb drink mix)
• tea (also to flavor the carb drink mix)
• mouthwash (so Gino can get the nasty salt water taste out of his mouth periodically)
• duct tape (b/c you can use duct tape for nearly anything)

I think we're ready for Saturday morning!

1 comment:

Nasir DZ said...

checklists are pretty good. I just take Ear Plugs for Swimming