Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Forrest Says...

Over the past 6 months I've heard those two words out of Gino's mouth more than anything else.

For those of you who don't know... Forrest Nelson has become a good friend of Gino's and has been helping him train for the swim across the Channel. Forrest has a number of amazing swimming feats under his belt, including swimming around the island of New York , Oahu to Molokai, Catalina and the English Channel so he has become our de facto swim Guru over the past few months.

When I ask Gino questions like "what will you eat?", he says "Forrest says I should eat Hammer Perpetuem Powder" or "how often do I feed you", his response is "Forrest says I should feed every 1/2 hour" or when I ask "why do some swimmers wear earplugs" Gino responds "Forrest says earplugs keep you warmer". There are many others..."Forrest says I should have mouthwash available during the swim to get rid of the taste of saltwater", "Forrest says I should just keep swimming an hour or so a day during my taper."

To be honest Forrest could probably tell Gino that he should leave England fly back tonight to LA and swim Catalina this weekend and I think we would be sitting here on this computer changing our flights instead of blogging.

So... these are things I am planning on telling Gino during the swim... "Forrest says swim faster", "Forrest says its really not that cold", "Forrest says the coast of France is just ahead" and I'm absolutely sure Gino will believe me and keep swimming.

But in all seriousness... thank you Forrest for all your help, you've been an incredible source of inspiration and knowledge to both Gino and I throughout the training and I hope to continue to impart all your positive energy to Gino during the swim...
and if you could do me one favour upon our return... tell Gino that he should take his girlfriend to Bali for vacation... he seems to listen to you.



Shannon said...

Forrest says Liz is hilarious!

robyn said...

Hi guys!! We'll be sending happy, swimmy, good weather thoughts to you on saturday. best of luck gino!!! xoxo the ngos

Susan Maguire said...

Liz and Gino,
We are so proud of both of you and wish you the best weather and conditions for a successful swim. We will continue to keep you both in our thoughts. Love, susan, meagan and big lil