Saturday, 25 August 2007


That's right Gino made it across the Channel today!

He started at 8am from a beach between Dover and Folkestone, England and after swimming 11 hours and 21 minutes he finished on the shores of France at 7:21pm.

Needless to say he is exhausted and was quite hypthermic when he finished. We managed to warm him back up on the boat and now he is resting peacefully in bed though he has a very nasty cough that will likely need to be checked out when we return to the States.

Many, many thanks to all of Gino's family and friends and my family and friends for supporting his effort. You would all have been very impressed... he never gave up and did a great job accomplishing this goal.

Thanks again everyone!


robyn said...

Congratulations!!!!!! We're so proud of you Gino. And you too Liz! See you soon- have a safe trip home. xoxo the ngos

chuckb said...

Way to go Gino. Glad to hear you made it to France and back to England safe and sound.The thought of spending just one hour in that water,let alone eleven is mind blowing. Needless to say the first round is on me when I see you two in Cali in a couple.CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!
All the best
Charlie and Brittany

cokoon said...

WOW Gino! And Liz too! I am SO excited for you and know you must be so happy to have succeeded in your quest!!It's friggin amazing!! I've been reading about all the channel swimmers and now you are among those elite people who have accomplished such a feat!!Congrats to you & Liz ( for all your devotion to Gino success!)Have a safe trip back! Love, Carol

Susan Maguire said...

What an impressive feat!
I can't begin to comprehend that kind of mental toughness and instestinal fortitude. Great job.
Now take care of yourself and get back to the States safely!
Sean and Susan

Susan Maguire said...
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jill said...

Fantastic news!! Congratulations Gino and great cheerleading Liz! Can't wait to shake the hand of a channel swimmer. Wooooh!!

See you both soon.
Jilly & Dwayne.

Lynne said...

Great swim Gino! Way to show us how it is done!! Enjoy that Guinness and please show us a picture of your name on the White Horse pub walls.

Lynne Smith
(from the Victoria Guest House)

Lynne said...
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Rumpole said...


Or should I say "Jolly Good Show old boy!"

All of us at the office never had any doubt whatsoever that you could do it. Of course, there will be a huge sigh of relief when the news spreads around tomorrow that we won't be getting any of your cases.

I trust you and Liz will celebrate in a fitting fashion, some fine English fare should help to get rid of the taste of the Channel!


cynthia said...

congrads!!!!! I am so proud of you! No doubt you had a great support team of Liz et al!
Bask in the accomplishment and enjoy all the food and beverage you have missed!
cy and alan

Gunilla said...

Congratulations Gino. What a great accomplishment. It is very hard to understand how anyone can spend that much time in the water, let alone swim and I am sure the channel probably was anything but smooth. Amazing. Best wishes and a hug. Gunilla

Mark said...

HUGE Congrats !!!!!!!!! Phenomenal accomplishment and a perfect celebration of a life spent in and around the water. From small kid days swimming for the Sailfish Club around Palm Beach county to standing in icy rivers chasing steel head to kayaking thru the 25 miles of pristine coastline on the North Shore of Moloka'i. Speaking of Moloka'i, next time we embark on a kayak adventure, I'm tying my kayak to your speedo. Mahalos for the inspiration! Mark

Mark said...
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Amy said...

You are the talk of the Geffen Playhouse this morning! Congrats and have a safe trip home. And Liz, a new shipment of green reptiles have arrived from Sweden, so I have added on to the know of what I speak...
With love,

Shannon said...

Yay! So proud of you BOTH!

XO, Shannon, John and Baby

Teen-Teen said...

CONGRATS!!! Gino you are incredible and Liz an amazing cheerleader! YIPEE!!



leegirl77 said...

holy moly! way to go! we'll all celebrate back in LA...can't wait to see a channel crosser in person. xo Lee, Fritz, Stella & Cleo

leegirl77 said...

It's a long road from shells crackling in a Nantucket driveway after being out around for 11 hours and 30 minutes. Hope you are celebrating on the French side in style. Go Liz & Gino - 2 Who Dared! Kudos.

Love, Lee, Fritz, Stella & Cleo

hortera said...

Way to go Gino! What a feat. I passed this along to Burdett who commented that all the beatings in the back of the PBDS school bus are the reason for your mental toughness. Also, all that swimming you had to do to find your keel after we pirated and stripped your Laser during sailing class didn't hurt either. All the best. Look forward to seeing you and meeting Liz soon. JB

Jamie Hutchinson said...

Gino --

Saw you announcement in the Penn Magazine. Very cool accomplishment in deed! All the best from your Penn Lax Teammate!


Jamie Hutchinson